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AIS Static Data Operations (AIS/M 011)

Objective: To provide the student with an understanding of how static aeronautical data should be received, processed and published, whilst maintaining the required levels of data quality.

Duration: 2 Weeks

Target Participants: Staff members of the AIS/AIM whose responsibility includes the receipt, processing and/or publication of static aeronautical data.

Minimum Number of Candidates: 4

Maximum Number of Candidates: 8

Course Summary: This two-week course will address all aspects of the handling of static aeronautical data in compliance with relevant guidance and best practice. On completion of this course, the students will have acquired the knowledge to apply the necessary procedures to static aeronautical data and, therefore, to maintain the necessary levels of data quality.

Course Content:

Entry Requirements: Students should be fluent in English to the ICAO English Language Level 4 standard.