Transport Services

Data Management

Sound data management is essential for ensuring that data is originated in accordance with its quality requirements and that these are maintained during its onward provision and use. Key to achieving the quality requirements are the processes through which the data passes. Mileridge has been instrumental in the definition of sound data assurance policies that may be used to help ensure that your services and products are fit for their intended purposes. Read more here.

Data Quality

Today, an increase in the use of information technology continues unabated and with it comes an ever increasing reliance on data. Whilst many assume that the quality of the data is appropriate for its use, this is often not the case and, as a result, issues may arise. These issues may have little impact but, as a worse case, may have a serious impact on safety. Mileridge has spent many years working with European government to improve data quality in the aviation sector, from its origination, through the data chain, to its provision for use. Our experience may also be applied in other transport sectors. Find out how we can help your organisation here.


Increasingly, regulation is being used to realise changes to the world. The proposal, development and implementation of regulation and its supporting rules requires a detailed and considered approach, and Mileridge has the experience to assist. Mileridge has supported both the development of regulation and its associated material but also the audit and certification process in national authorities. Find out more here.


Mileridge has a history of providing training specifically tailored to meet organisations’ needs.