AIS / AIM Training

With the introduction of modern navigation techniques, the reliance on data of sufficient quality has increased and aeronautical information is now recognised as being a core component of the future ATM. As we move from a paper-based and product-based AIS (Aeronautical Information Services) world to a digital-based AIM (Aeronautical Information Management) environment, where data is made available in an interoperable manner, the management of data becomes ever more important.

The emphasis of AIM is on digital data which meets its quality requirements, including accuracy and integrity, that can be retrieved as it is required. Such data provision supports Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) and a wide number of user applications, helping to improve the efficiency and safety of flight. To enable this, the data has to be fully digital, with interoperable systems in place to allow for the easy exchange and processing of the data.

Mileridge is now able to offer training in all aspects of AIS/AIM. Through the use of instructors with technical, operational and institutional backgrounds, you can be assured that your staff will be trained to the highest standards.

Training courses are offered for the following topics:

All our training is provided using a flexible approach. We anticipate that clients may wish to select from the available modules to suit their particular needs. We are very happy to discuss the construction of a course syllabus to suit specific needs, including assistance with English Language and Aviation English Training to bring students up to ICAO Level 4, where required. In addition the course can be delivered at a venue to suit you or at Mileridge’s premises. All courses will be conducted through a combination of presentations, break-out sessions, demonstrations and assessments. All students who successfully complete the course will be provided with a certificate acknowledging the skills and competences that they have acquired.