Aviation Services

Aeronautical Data Quality Regulation

The advent of Commission Regulation (EU) 73/2010 “laying down requirements on the quality of aeronautical data and aeronautical information for the single European sky” brings about a new set of challenges for those stakeholders impacted. Mileridge has supported the European Commission and EUROCONTROL in the development of regulatory material and also supported States in planning and making the necessary change to comply with it. Find out how we can help with your implementation here.

Aeronautical Information Management

There has been an increasing trend for the traditional Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) to move towards Aeronautical Information Management in which the information is not only published, as is the requirement of ICAO, but is managed and promoted in a wider sense. For example, many States are now preparing and delivering electronic products which better suit the needs of their customers, whilst helping to improve the quality of data. Mileridge has been at the forefront of the definition of the AIM concept. Find out more here.


Increasingly, regulation is being used to realise changes to the aviation world. The proposal, development and implementation of regulation and its supporting rules requires a detailed and considered approach. Mileridge has supported both the development of regulation and its associated material but also the audit and certification process in national authorities. Find out more here.

Terrain and Obstacle Data

The requirement to provide terrain and obstacle data has been in existence for several years now, yet compliance is still rare. Mileridge has worked with ICAO, EUROCONTROL and the European States to develop amendment proposals to the ICAO requirements. The revised requirements are nonetheless challenging and Mileridge has developed a wide range of guidance material to support implementation, covering both the technical and institutional issues associated with it, whilst leading the support for the European Terrain and Obstacle Data Working Group. Find out more here.


Mileridge has a history of providing training specifically tailored to meet organisations’ needs. Our portfolio of aviation courses may be found here.